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The Lumber

All of our products can be customized to fit each individuals needs. Lumber can be sewn up thirty five feet in length. In the past we have supplied Black Locust as large 12″x12″x18′ and 6″x6″x26′.

We offer four specific grades of Black Locust Lumber:


This grade is very difficult to produce. Only about 10% of all Black Locust logs found in this area end up producing Veneer grade material.

Grade One

This grade commonly used for decking has at least one face smooth enough for walking on. Grade one has very few defects compared to lower grades.

Grade Two

This grade can also be used for decking or fencing however has more defects (knots, checking, etc)

Grade Three

This grade has more defects however the lumber is still structurally sound. Common uses include: Fencing, Raised bed gardens, Barriers, Framing timber, construction timber, etc.

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